How Dare John Filmore...

You may have seen the Blog for Arizona publication about John Filmore 

How Dare John Filmore Equate the Wearing of Masks for COVID 19 Protection with Tattoos forced on Holocaust Victims

This is our response: 

The comments from Rep. Fillmore display shocking bigotry that is in lockstep with others in his party to divert our attention from their political motivations.  LD16 Dems condemn these hurtful words from the legislator.  These statements clearly go against all the science and medical experts.  We know that mask-wearing is the reason why Arizona’s COVD-19 positive numbers have started to go down.

Representative John Fillmore needs to remember that he was elected to speak for the voters of LD16.  Comments that equate mask-wearing or vaccinations to being marked for death in the World War II Concentration Camps are beneath the dignity of his elected office.

Words Matter. Fillmore’s words do not represent the values of LD16 voters and are unacceptable.  People lives and health are being impacted by his promotion of false information that makes no sense given what we are all going through. 

With thousands of people dying of the worst lethal viral outbreak in one hundred years, there must be no tolerance for this kind of rhetoric!  John Fillmore’s statements are not right for our district and not right for the state of Arizona.  We need to elect Dr. Helen Hunter to the House of Representatives this November.


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