Meet LD 16 House Candidate Helen Hunter

Helen Hunter


Helen Hunter is running for Arizona LD 16 House

Rev. Dr. Helen Hunter Candidate Statement
November 2020 General Election

"I am pleased and proud to be the Democratic candidate for Legislative District 16 in the Arizona House of Representatives. When elected, I am committed to standing for the needs and concerns of LD16 constituents; I will be listening, learning, and connecting as I navigate the legislative and political landscape. My platform and direction are rooted in concern and involvement in Understanding, advocating, and attending to the needs of a diverse group of people, with varying racial, religious, and socio-economic backgrounds. The primary focus of this campaign is Healthcare/COVID 19, Education, and Economic wellbeing. This campaign will also work feverishly on voter registration and getting the people out to vote so that their voices are heard and acted upon. I am determined to serve with dignity, respect, and a spirit of cooperation. I am equally determined to stand up, speak up, and fight for what is right, working towards the best possible scenario for every stakeholder. Most importantly, I am committed to doing my work with the Golden Rule as my compass and guide."


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